Implementing JustEnough

The two most important factors that drive ROI are the speed at which you can begin using the new solution and the fit of the solution to your business process. For these reasons, a high-quality, precise implementation is critical to maximizing the return on your software investment. JustEnough has a seasoned implementation team with deep technical and business experience. We follow a structured approach that makes the implementation easier for you, while allowing you to configure the software to meet your unique business needs.

Strategic Consulting

Transform your business processes with focus and agility


Leverage our industry leading business practice to define integrated business processes and strategic roadmaps. Through our extensive industry and technical acumen, we offer creative insights into how the JustEnough solution can create value for your business. We work with you to develop and implement dynamic solutions that drive results.


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Professional Services

Engage our team's deep industry, functional and technical expertise to manage the implementation lifecycle

Professional Services

Improve your results by engaging our team to take a hands-on, in-depth approach to delivering your JustEnough solution. Our implementation methodology aligns with leading industry best practices creating a repeatable and optimized process. Each of the six phases in the process takes your organization a level further through the implementation ensuring the solution aligns with your business needs.

Phase I Initiate

Implementation kick-off

During the Implementation Kickoff the foundation for the project is laid. The project scope, success criteria, organizational team structure, internal and external resource requirements, risk factors, project constraints and implementation phasing are established.

JustEnough Standard Software Review

The JustEnough Standard Software Review is performed to ensure a mutual understanding of the capabilities that the solution delivers.

JustEnough Standard Data Review

The goal of the JustEnough Standard Data Review is to determine your level of preparedness to meet the data and hardware specifications required.

Solution & Data Architecture

The goal of the Solution & Data Architecture review is to ensure the JustEnough project team has a deep understanding of your business.

Phase II Design


Prior to the solution design steps, the team defines high-level future state functional and technical requirements based upon needs gathered during the Initiate phase.


A business process is defined that achieves the critical success factors and business requirements identified during the Implementation Kick-off. At this stage, JustEnough’s solution experience is combined with industry best practices and your team’s knowledge of your company and business environment, resulting in the business solution design.


The IT Solution Design occurs in conjunction with the Detailed Design and describes system architecture, data interfaces, and batch jobs and scheduling. Any requested customizations that cannot be accomplished with standard configuration are captured in the Customization Document, including additional development estimates and timelines.



The design sessions are used to gain a mutual understanding and definition of the tasks to be included in the project plan. During the Planning step, the project plan is reviewed to ensure timeline, resources and assumptions are valid. The result is an approved detailed project plan.

Phase III Build


Upon completion of the Detailed and IT Solution Design sessions, the JustEnough team will begin installation of the technical environments.


The IT Solution & Configuration step is a modified-Agile and iterative process where JustEnough works with your team to ensure the configured solution and defined business process are aligned as defined in the Business and Technical Solution Design documents.


The Data & Process Validation step is the most important and time sensitive, as it is often the bottleneck to going live. This step consists of validating production environment setup, input and output data integrity and accuracy, and working interfaces to and from host systems.

Phase IV Test


During System Integration Testing, you will have the opportunity to verify the interactions between the different systems. SIT ensures that all related systems maintain data integrity and can operate in coordination with other systems in the same environment. The testing process ensures that all subcomponents are integrated successfully to provide expected results.


End-to-End Testing allows the team to ensure the data sent from the host ERP is reporting correctly and accurately within the JustEnough system. The system will be configured to accept daily data feeds to monitor processing performance (system stress testing) and to ensure system availability by a cutoff time (as defined in the Business Solution Design).


With the business solution and data validated, the core team can now deploy the system and proceed to train additional end users. You will now assemble the documented business process definitions which will be used as end-user training material.

User Acceptance


User Acceptance Testing will act as a final test period to ensure all processes, users and technical considerations are working properly. By this stage of the implementation, all business processes and reporting requirements should be ready for go live.

Phase V Deploy


The documented business process definitions are assembled and used as end-user training material. It is recommended that the core team perform the training themselves; however, is available to facilitate the training, if requested.


This review is a day-long event in which the JustEnough Professional Services team assesses the readiness of the solution(s) designated to go live. The Go-Live Readiness Checklist is created and provided to the Core and Steering Committee teams for sign-off. Upon sign-off, execution of functional go-live in a production environment is performed.



On-site, go-live support typically extends for the week of the go-live. After go-live, post-implementation stabilization is available for your team to guarantee immediate response to and resolution of any issues that may arise.

Phase VI Close

Customer Support Turnover


Once the solution is live, JustEnough turns over all further support from Professional Services to Customer Support.


Upon official project closure, JustEnough ensures that all deliverables have been approved and provided and that project objectives and statistics are reviewed.


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Customer Service


Get help for your JustEnough solutions when you need it. We offer support services online and via email so you can get the answer in the way that’s most convenient for you.

Here's a list of what we offer:

Email Support

Send us your issue or question and we’ll quickly get an answer back to you. If it’s an issue that’s a little tricky to resolve via email, we’ll work with you to resolve it over the phone.

Online Case Submission

JustEnough provides online case submission. You can also track your case so you can see how your case is progressing.

Release Notification

You’ll automatically receive notification of the latest JustEnough solution releases and upgrades, so you’ll always be up-to-date.


To inquire about these services, please complete this form and we'll get back to you with more details.