Manage all Aspects of Product Lifecycle Pricing in a Flexible, Intuitive Tool

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JustEnough Price Management enables users to control the complete lifecycle pricing of products – from initial price to price adjustments and markdowns through to end of life. Prices can be created at any level of the product hierarchy with a complete view of current inventory, price elasticity and product rate of sale.

The result is pricing that meets legal and corporate compliance while effectively managing product price lifecycles so that margins and customer satisfaction are maximized.

Create Price Plans

JustEnough enables users to plan prices at a product level while reviewing the impact at an aggregate level. What-if scenarios allow for comparisons on unit volume, revenue and margin. Users can also compare the target revenue from the Merchandise Financial Planning module. The plans can be further refined by geographic and demographic hierarchies. During the planning process, users have visibility to inventory, price elasticity and product rate-of-sale data, in addition to historical performance.

Price Actions

Multiple Price Actions can be created using pre-defined or on-the-fly custom pricing strategies. The actions contain all the required elements to efficiently create and validate price plans.

Rules Engine

The JustEnough solution includes a powerful rules engine that includes calculations and validations. This allows users to create and enforce rules for internal and external purposes. For example, competitor, rounding, vendor, legal compliance and financial rules. Multiple rules can be designed to guide users through a defined workflow and approval process.


As the users are managing plans, they have immediate visibility into any potential problems before the plans are submitted. This reduces the planning process timeline, allowing for faster reaction to market conditions. The exceptions can also be made visible in the dashboard, focusing users on the elements that require attention.

Price Lifecycle Visibility

During the planning process, users have visibility to the entire price lifecycle of their categories and products. In one unified view, they can see regular, promotional, markdown and clearance prices. This helps users to quickly and easily identify overlaps and decide on pricing cadence.

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