Smart Retailers Use Markdowns to Increase Customer Demand, Better Manage Inventory and Phase-Out Products

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Effective markdown management can help retailers drive incremental buyer traffic, reduce excess inventory at the highest possible prices and support effective product phase-outs. JustEnough Markdown Planning provides an intuitive, interactive way to set multiple markdown structures

while maintaining complete visibility into the impact they may have on inventory, revenue and margin. With JustEnough, creating a successful markdown strategy has never been easier.

Plan Price and Markdown Structures

Users have the ability to create a price and markdown structure at a product level with a complete view of current inventory, price elasticity and product rate of sale. Phase-out dates can also be set at the product level. Multiple markdown structures with variable durations can be easily set and the results instantly available so planners can compare the impact of the markdowns on product margins, revenues and unit volumes until the phase out date of each product.

Manage Product Phase-out

By setting phase-out dates, JustEnough Price and Markdown Planning can calculate products which are expected to exceed their phase-out dates and an estimated sell-through date is projected. The system also provides a suggested markdown rate in order for the product to be sold out by the planned phase-out date.

Manage Price and Markdown Plans

Price and markdown plans allow for a time-phased view of markdowns. Users can adjust markdown structures at different hierarchy levels or across a group of products by week, month, quarter or season. Prices and markdowns can also be planned by channel, store cluster or stores. Aggregated price and markdown impact can be quickly and easily viewed in the detail pane or review pane.

Evaluate Financial Impact

JustEnough Price and Markdown Planning allows users to plan markdown structures at a product level while reviewing the impact of the markdowns at an aggregate level. This view provides information on expected sales with and without markdowns so that comparisons can be made on unit volume, revenue and margin. Users can also compare the target markdown revenue from the Financial Planning module with the calculated markdown revenue based on the set price and markdown structures.

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