Maximize Selling-Space Effectiveness to Increase Sales, Improve Margins and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

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Given the high cost of retail space it’s critical that today’s retailers maximize the use of each square foot of store space and each linear inch of web space. But distributing this valuable space to your many categories and products in

the most profitable manner can be difficult. JustEnough Space Planning provides the capability to analyze space utilization and then better define space utilization in the future through the creation and assignment of planograms.

Capture Historic Space Assignments

The first step in space planning is capturing the historic space assignments of each product category. Users have the ability to specify space assignments over different time periods for more accurate analysis. Where the information is available, users can also specify assigned space at any product hierarchy level and the type of space utilized.

Analyze Selling-Space Effectiveness

By matching the assigned space to sales revenues and costs, users can analyze the gross margin per unit of assigned space. This allows planners to quickly see what categories and products are delivering the highest revenues and margins based on space assignments. Planners can then make more informed decisions on allocating space in future time periods.

Hindsight Assortment Space

Hindsight reporting is an important part of the assortment planning process. By analyzing previous assortment performance from an item productivity and space productivity perspective to adjust for lost opportunity and other factors which may have affected the pervious assortments, Planners can better understand the trends and growth required to meet the assortment objectives from the financial planning process.

Assign Products to Planograms

To align the assortment and space planning processes, JustEnough allows planners to assign products to imported or created planograms. Products or groups of products can be assigned to multiple planograms over time to ensure products are given the correct presentation and that presentation requirements are taken into account in the buy calculations. The validity period of planograms are aligned with product lifecycles to ensure that products are not assigned to invalid planograms. The integration of these processes ensures that the assortment is always created within the space constraints of stores.

Planogram Assortment Analysis

Reporting highlighting the created planograms and the product associated with each planogram helps planners to analyze the assortment and the planogram association.  This enables planners to quickly identify planograms which may be under or over assorted over time and allows for management to understand the costs associated with presentation of the assortment. 

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