Maximize Your Profitability and Flow-Through by Optimizing Your Product Assortments

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JustEnough Assortment Planning guides users through the process of creating localized assortments based on financial objectives - quickly and easily. The solution uses clustering, profiling and other techniques to automatically build out assortment plans so users can invest their time applying 

their unique knowledge of the business and their customers. The result is a single picture of the assortment plan including new, ongoing and left-over product which can be assigned to planograms to align with space plans and constraints.

Site Clustering

Clustering is increasingly important as the number of customers and locations grows and the pressure to ensure the right products are in the right place increases. Site clusters are the cornerstone of JustEnough Assortment Planning. The JustEnough solution quickly clusters customers and/or locations on multiple dimensions including customer purchasing behavior, demographics and store space. Dynamic clustering can be done across time at any level of the product hierarchy. Users can create and maintain assortment plans by cluster with the ability to shift the makeup of each cluster in reaction to the changing needs of the business. Clustering can be used to more accurately target assortments and promotions to the right consumers driving improved customer service and revenues.

Target Creation and Assortment Rationalization

One of the most important things a planner does is determine the appropriate assortment width and depth (or assortment wedge) within store clusters across product categories and attributes, based on the financial objectives defined during the financial planning process. JustEnough Assortment Planning enables the rationalization of assortments across clusters leveraging anticipated market trends, available space and demand, to determine the optimal number of assortment options. Users can segment hierarchy levels by a wide array of product attributes, both qualitative and quantitative, and then further subdivide and define plan targets and desired new choice counts all the way down to a cluster level. Once the assortment has been rationalized, JustEnough Assortment Planning can smart start bottoms-up assortment plans that automatically reconcile to the financial targets set for the organization.

Line Visualization

Line Visualization allows merchandise planning organizations to view, manage and refine assortment plans at multiple levels of product and location hierarchies, whether or not they know the exact items they will be ordering within the assortment for key periods of time. Users can assort items to site clusters; craft demand plans via rate of sale, total sales or total targeted buy quantities in both revenue and units; plan receipt flow strategies and even manage sales and inventory plans pre-season or in-season by period all in the same assortment plan.

Receipt Planning and Commitments

Assortment receipt planning enables users to hone in on the ideal receipt strategy for items they are planning to purchase. Users can also set constraints, such as minimum periods of supply, define the periods in which receipts are allowed to arrive and how many receipts are needed. Users can send commitment orders to JustEnough Order Manager for final processing, review, approval and submission to external systems.

Assortment Rollup and Reconciliation

The Assortment Rollup and Reconciliation reports help to guide an organization in decisions about merchandising strategies, pricing and promotions, open to buy, profitability and inventory management. The Assortment Rollup and Reconciliation reports are a standard feature of JustEnough Assortment Planning enabling organizations to aggregate their assortment plan data, as well as reconcile key metrics that are set as targets within JustEnough Merchandise Financial Planning.

Assortment Planning Dashboards

Users can create assortment buy sheets to review merchandising strategies, compare the assortment wedge to last year and identify over- and under-performing customer and product attributes. The dashboard capabilities are user friendly, highly configurable and come standard with JustEnough Assortment Planning.

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