The Right Inventory in the Right Place, Every Time

Improve your fill rates, profile new products, plan and allocate your inventory and optimize your replenishment. Manage your entire forecasting through the replenishment process with JustEnough.

Allocation & Replenishment Tour

Demand Forecasting

Get accurate, demand- driven forecasts that cover:

  • Forecast Tournament
  • Trend & Seasonality
  • Lost Sales
  • Supersessions
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Promotions
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Predict future demand of new products with:

  • Creating Profiles & Curves
  • Profile Management & Review
  • Profile Performance & Retrending
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Inventory Planning

Ensure your products are at the right store at the right time:

  • Inventory Policy Management
  • Service-Level Targeting
  • ABC Classifications
  • Inventory-Level Projection
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Push inventory to the optimal retail store or sales channel to sell:

  • Allocation Review
  • Allocation Rules Management
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Manage what's on your shelves with automatic replenishment, including:

  • Drop Ship Planning
  • Constraint-Based Purchase Orders
  • Exception-Based Order Review
  • Inventory Dashboard
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