Ensure Products are at the Right Place at the Right Time

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JustEnough's Inventory Planning ensures your products are in the right place at the right time.

Not only that, Inventory Planning makes it easy to identify the inventory you need to focus on for higher profit margins and lower inventory carrying costs.

Watch the Inventory Planning and Replenishment Video

Watch this short video to learn about the key features and benefits of JustEnough Inventory Planning and Replenishment and see it in action.

Inventory Policy Management

Users have the ability to set up multiple inventory policies using the inventory policy manager. Each policy can be associated with a filter which allows for targeted policies. Policy settings such as replenishment cycle, review period, safety stock or service level, back order ratio and dynamic policies can be applied. This flexible approach to inventory modeling allows for appropriate inventory targets to be set at any level of the product or location hierarchy.

Service-Level Targeting

With an interactive service-level tool, JustEnough lets you weigh the trade-offs between achieving even higher service levels versus the additional dollars you would need to spend on more inventory. By performing an inventory level sensitivity analysis, you decide which service level makes the most sense for your retail business given the inventory requirements to sustain such a target.

ABC Classifications

To distinguish between your important product lines and those that are less important, JustEnough classifies which items in your product mix demand the most of your attention using Pareto’s method of ABC Classifications. This is done dynamically so that as information is updated, JustEnough automatically reclassifies items. This ensures that your most crucial product lines always get the most focus.

Inventory-Level Projection

The JustEnough Inventory-Level Projection feature graphically displays the expected changes in inventory over a future time horizon. At any point, the projected inventory level represents the balance of incoming supply and outgoing orders based on your inventory targets and forecast requirements. The Inventory-Level Projection can also highlight exceptions such as shortfall, potential stock outs and excess stock.

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