Predict Future Demand of New Products

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Continually introducing new items to market helps you keep up your competitive advantage. JustEnough makes it easy to accurately predict the future demand of new products by using demand profiles.

With JustEnough you can create, manage and evaluate demand profiles for historical products and then apply the profiles to new products to get an accurate picture of future demand.

Watch the Clustering and Profiling Video

Watch this short video to learn about the key features and benefits of JustEnough Clustering and Profiling, and see it in action.

Store Clustering

Clustering has become increasingly important in the planning process as the number of customers and locations grow. The JustEnough clustering engine quickly clusters customers or locations based on multiple performance, demographic and space metrics. Clustering can be used to identify exceptions throughout the planning process to more accurately target assortments and promotions to the right consumers.

Creating Profiles & Curves

Creating profile demand curves for items based on comparable products or product categories is a powerful way to set the level of expected future sales and minimize the risk involved in launching a new product. JustEnough allows you to create profiles either manually or automatically, at an item or class/collection level. You can then apply them to any set of items for a known magnitude over a flexible time horizon.

Profile Management & Review

JustEnough provides a tool that allows users to create product forecasts by applying a profile curve to a time and magnitude to create a sales plan that can be based on an initial expectation or on a total volume expected. The resultant profiled sales plan forms the demand forecast through to the effective end date after which a statistical forecast can take over.

Profile Performance & Retrending

When statistical modeling isn’t sufficient, demand profiling is a very powerful way to improve your forecast accuracy. By measuring and tracking the performance of the curve against actual sales, JustEnough allows for automatic or manual updating of the curve to further enhance its profiling ability based on pre-set accuracy thresholds.

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