Walking the Tightrope

How to Balance Assortments for Visually Compelling and Profitable Results

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘marrying art and science’ and when it comes to assortment planning, retailers have been trying to successfully integrate these seemingly conflicting paradigms for years. Assortment planning has traditionally been an art-based, subjective process where merchants and buyers developed assortments based on their unique knowledge of the business and customers. But as retail planning systems have advanced and been more widely adopted, the science within assortment planning has begun to play a greater role.

So what’s the right way to build an assortment plan that is visually compelling and draws customers in, while not jeopardizing financial success? With ever-improving technology putting better data at our fingertips, the way forward becomes understanding the key points in the assortment planning process where art or science should take the lead.

Based on extensive experience helping leading retailers worldwide, JustEnough recommends strategies retailers can use to attain the right balance – creating visually compelling assortments that drive traffic and sales while achieving financial goals.