Obsession with Technology is Essential to Promotion Management

No matter how big a retailer you are, no matter how many stores you have and how large your marketing budget is, if you are not marketing in the channel the customer is using at the moment a purchase decision is being considered you are invisible. In this new world, technologies have given consumers an advantage over retailers in how and when they receive promotional messages.

This new, complicated environment holds great opportunities and challenges for retailers, but it requires using a combination of digital communications methods and traditional ones to reach modern consumers. Most important of all, it requires new tools and analytics engines that organize data about customers and products to create relevant and personalized campaigns.

In this report, RIS charts out strategies retailers can use to link technology and their business goals.

  • Raise you marketing and merchandising IQ
  • Embed analytic intelligence into cross-channel decision making
  • Manage internal resistance to overcome people challenges
  • Expand understanding of critical forces that contribute to successful campaigns
  • Obsess over promotion technology

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