Annual Merchandise Planning & Allocation Benchmark Survey by Boston Retail Partners

Boston Retail Partners Consumers expect a fast and efficient selling and delivery process, where the physical and digital selling channels converge to provide a cohesive shopping experience. These unified commerce shopping concepts have grown significantly, requiring retailers to put more functional capabilities in place than ever before. Despite a significant growth in technological capabilities, replacing legacy systems, realigning processes, expanding associate visions and the incentives to do so have made the process challenging.

This year’s survey results reveal that while there is movement in the right direction, there is still significant opportunity for retailers to evolve from a technological perspective.

Surprisingly, 38% of participating retailers reported currently using a spreadsheet for planning and allocation. This illustrates that despite rapid technological developments of best-in-breed capabilities, a large number of retailers have been slow to adopt integrated solutions. Leveraging robust tools that allow for management of transactions across all channels will become increasingly vital for retailers who seek to remain viable in a unified commerce environment.

Please enjoy taking a look at the complete survey results and conclusions and reach out to us to learn more about how JustEnough's innovative and easy-to-use solutions can help you to improve your merchandise planning and allocation processes.

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