2015 Merchandise Planning Survey

Boston Retail PartnersToday's retailers are wrestling with a myriad of business and IT issues. Adding to the already long list, current planning systems are out-of-date and don't effectively address today's requirements for an omni-channel planning environment. Most retailers find their current planning applications are ineffective and can't support the complex analysis required to optimize planning decisions and ultimately meet customer demand. The good news is that most retailers realize this and more than half of retailers are planning to upgrade or replace their planning applications within two years.

Many existing planning systems were developed and installed in the late 1990s as the Y2K issue forced numerous retailers to update their technology base. Fast-forward twenty years and many retailers are still utilizing those same systems with the same configurations.

This year's survey results reveal that while there is movement in the right direction, there is still significant opportunity for retailers to evolve from a technological perspective.

Most retailers have at least some planning systems in place but the rapid changes in the industry – as e-commerce and mobile commerce have become mainstream and today's customer expects the ability to shop anywhere at any time – have eclipsed the abilities of these planning systems.

This environment sets the stage for Boston Retail Partners' 2015 Merchandise Planning Benchmark Survey to explore the current state of retail planning and to identify and understand retailers' priorities as they attempt to meet the needs of a 21st century customer while constrained by 20th century technology.

Please enjoy taking a look at the complete survey results and conclusions and reach out to us to learn more about how JustEnough's innovative and easy-to-use solutions can help you to improve your merchandise planning process.

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