Aligning Omnichannel Merchandising with Customer Demand

The rapid adoption of digital technology by customers has produced a marketplace where they are calling the shots and retailers are struggling to keep up. Increasingly tech-savvy omnichannel shoppers are lighting a fire under retailers to encourage them to blend physical and digital shopping channels into a richer experience that offers new levels of convenience and a multitude of options.

Retailers need to take concrete steps to shift from their current product-centric approach to a customer-centric one built on an omnichannel model.

In this report, RIS charts out steps retailers can take now to enable merchandisers to make smarter decisions that align with customer demand and corporate goals.

  • Develop a comprehensive database strategy
  • Tighten integration to amplify, not cannibalize channels
  • Fuel merchandising functions with advanced analytic tools
  • Replace product-centricity with customer-centricity

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