Select the Optimal Products to Promote and then Forecast Impact on Demand

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Promotion Forecasting

As promotions are planned, Promotion Forecasting captures the promotional lift impact and automatically adjusts the forecast for the period of the promotion. The system then automatically calculates the financial impact of each planned promotion. Configurable metrics include net margin, net cost, projected sales, lift factors, vendor participation and loyalty program impact.

Manual Override

There will be times when external factors that are not captured in the system will affect the performance of a promotion. For these times, or for new products that are unique, planners can override the system generated forecast. You can configure which factors can be overridden and by which users. Additionally, all financial calculations use the override values.


While planning a new promotion, it is vital to understand how and when the current product was promoted previously, and what were the results. We can compare side-by-side, the current promotion with past promotions and identify any potential problem areas or areas of opportunity.

What-if Planning

During the planning process, users can evaluate multiple scenarios to identify which variables will provide the desired results. Users can change the price strategy, customer segmentation, price, promotional channel, vendor funding and many other configurable variables. The system then re-forecasts based on the new information. In addition, the boundaries that the forecasting engine uses can be constrained based on user preference within the approved corporate margin.

View Yearly Promotion Calendar

The centralized Promotion Calendar provides planners visibility into all promotional activity for their categories and products helping them to identify the optimal cadence for their consumer facing offers.

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