Promotion Planning Software

What is Promotion Planning Software?

Not so many years ago, marketing executives would have ridiculed the idea of promotion planning software. Planning any promotion was - in their eyes - a straightforward process that involved deciding what products were to be promoted, making sure that the goods or services were in place when the promotion launched, and booking advertising space in the most appropriate media.

Now using a promotion planning tool is becoming the standard; especially as responsibility for successful promotions is divided between multiple departments, competition from e-commerce for business has increased, and the purchasing decisions of consumers are influenced as much by social media and inbound marketing as by any advertisement seen in print or on screen.

Promotion planning software enables collaboration between the three key departments in any promotional campaign - the marketing, merchandising and advertising departments - who can plan an event together, monitor a promotion through the execution stage, and then analyze the results of the campaign in order to develop more effective promotions in the future.

Sourcing the Right Promotion Planning Tool

promotion planning software

The concept that promotion planning software can increase efficiency between the three key departments involved in the promotion planning process and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is generally acknowledged; however, sourcing the right end-to-end promotion planning tool that meets the needs of each department is not as easy as it might seem.

In order for each department to complete its designated role within a successful promotional campaign, any promotion planning solution that is selected needs to have the right promotion planning capabilities to support each departments' requirements. Should the selected promotion planning software platform not have the required capabilities, the entire marketing campaign could fail.

The exact responsibilities of each department will determine what constitutes the “right” promotion planning tool; but, as we see it, an appropriate promotion planning solution should cater for the following distribution of responsibilities:

Marketing Department

  • Coordination of campaign plans
  • Budgeting for campaigns and promotions
  • Deciding what promotional channels to use
  • Developing the marketing calendar
  • Overseeing the execution of promotional events

Merchandising Department

  • Selecting the goods or services to be promoted
  • Negotiating deals with vendors/suppliers
  • Financial planning
  • Pricing of promotional items
  • Feedback and analysis of sales

Advertising Department

  • Developing the ad production calendar
  • Creating the concept for the advertising
  • Producing photography or graphics
  • Writing advertising copy
  • Ad coordination and placement

JustEnough's Promotion Planning Solution

JustEnough's promotion planning solution is the ultimate promotion planning tool - allowing departments to collaborate on targeting options, campaign development and event management. The promotion planning software has features to allow the creation (and adjustment) of promotion forecasts and “what if” scenarios and to facilitate the analysis of category impact.

Additional features allow marketing departments to publish promotions to online and offline channels, merchandising departments to determine the right amount of space to dedicate to an in-store promotion, and advertising departments to accurately allocate resources between outbound and inbound marketing activities to maximize awareness among targeted consumer segments.

JustEnough's promotion planning solution supports creativity and innovation, and can lead to improved revenues, lower costs and increased margins, as departments work together to make better use of vendor marketing budgets, improve promotional product selection, and reduce advertising costs.

Further Benefits of JustEnough's Promotion Planning Software

Available OnSite and OnCloud, JustEnough’s promotion planning solution can help your business:

  • Attract new customers and strengthen existing brand loyalty
  • Develop buying personas based on customers' interests, demographics and location
  • Use these personas to get offers in front of customers at the right time
  • Develop communication with customers in the ways they prefer
  • Get maximum returns from your promotional spend
  • Streamline the planning and execution of promotions across offline and online channels
  • Increase operational efficiency between departments while reducing costs

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