Promotion Management Software

Why Use Promotion Management Software?

Not so long ago, marketing executives would have scoffed at the idea of promotion management software. Planning and executing a promotion was a straightforward process that involved deciding what goods or services were to be promoted, making sure that the resources were in place to launch the promotion and buying advertising space in the relevant media. Now using a promotion management tool is becoming the norm, as responsibility for successful promotions is shared among multiple departments, competition from e-commerce increases, and the buying decisions of consumers are driven as much by inbound and social media marketing as by any advertisement seen on screen or in print. Promotion management software facilitates collaboration between the three most important departments in any promotional event - the merchandising, marketing and advertising departments - who can plan a promotion together, chart its progress through the execution stage, and then jointly analyze the results of the promotion in order to construct more effective events in the future.

Finding the Right Promotion Management Tool

promotion management software

It is now generally accepted that promotion management software increases efficiency between key departments and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; however, finding the right end-to-end promotion management tool that meets the requirements of each department involved in the promotion planning and execution process is not as easy as it might appear.

Each department has its own specific role to play within a successful promotional campaign and, in order for each department to fulfill its specific role, it requires the right promotion management capabilities. Should the selected promotion management software platform not support the needs of all the departments, the whole marketing campaign could fail.

What constitutes the right promotion management tool will depend on the exact responsibilities of each department but, as we see it, an ideal promotion management solution would cater to the following division of responsibilities:


  • Promotional Item Selection
  • Pricing
  • Vendor Deals
  • Analysis
  • Financial Plans


  • Marketing Plans
  • Budgeting
  • Campaigns
  • Digital/Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Calendar


  • Creative
  • Photography
  • Ad Production
  • Ad Coordination
  • Production Calendar

The Importance of Integrating Promotion Management Into the Planning Process

What can retailers do to improve their promotion management results? Promotions should be demand-driven and a critical part of a retailer’s go-to-market strategy. Now that advanced planning solutions for areas of the business like inventory and assortment planning are more commonplace, it is important that promotion management is an integral part of the end-to-end retail planning process.

Next-generation promotional planning allows retailers to analyze how promotions have performed in the past. By establishing a baseline for how successful their promotional efforts have been in the past, retailers can then measure against that baseline for future promotions.

Understanding past promotional data enables retailers to accurately forecast demand for future promotions and then tie that into their financials. As a result, they’ll gain a solid understanding of how much they’ll earn in promotional sales over the course of the planning period.

Knowing how promotions have performed in the past will help retailers build more accurate and successful assortments to carry across channels. Retailers that incorporate promotional data into their cross-channel assortment plans will consider not just the products they plan to promote, but also the items that will sell since they are complementary – i.e., tennis shoes and socks.

Integrating promotions management into the planning process also improves pricing decisions. Price changes for products on promotion should be well thought out across all selling channels and integrated with the financial plan so that retailers can attract customers while avoiding unnecessary margin degradation.

A Case Study in Promotion Management – Holland & Barrett


Like many retailers, Holland & Barrett, a health and beauty retailer based in the U.K., was operating a binary promotional strategy which employed the use of 45 separate spreadsheets in which to manage all of its promotional activity. This inevitably led to inaccuracies, an unmanageable workload for its team and at times a negative impact on its customer experience.


Holland & Barrett turned to JustEnough and in October 2015 rolled out its Promotion Management software using JustEnough’s four-step implementation methodology. The implementation was successful and user feedback was very positive.

“JustEnough’s software is the best-in-class promotion management solution; it’s highly configurable and we were able to quickly tweak or add functionalities to ensure it would meet our specific operational requirements,” said Ray Aldis, director of projects, Holland & Barrett. The company is using the solution to monitor live campaigns, manage data conflicts and plan all of its promotional campaigns.


The company is fully up-to-speed on the solution and is seeing real benefits in its overall promotional operations. With three brands that each have 15 promotional periods in a given year, the ability to quickly access a single overview of all the promotional data is a key benefit to the company.

“Now that we can access all of our current and historical promotional and sales data via a single centralized system, it takes fewer resources to plan and execute campaigns and we can instantly create analytical reports to evaluate their success with a click of a button,” added Aldis.

The JustEnough Promotion Management Solution

JustEnough's promotion management solution is the ultimate promotion planning and execution tool - allowing departments to work together to select targeting options, build campaigns and events and plan and manage promotions. It has the capability to create promotion forecasts, create “what if” scenarios and analyze category impact.

Additional features allow merchandising departments to analyze the space they are going to dedicate to an in-store or online promotion, marketing departments to publish promotions to online and offline channels, and advertising departments to effectively allocate budgets across print, online and social media channels to maximize communications with targeted consumer segments.

JustEnough's promotion management solution removes the constraints that limit creativity and innovation, and can lead to increased revenues, reduced costs and improved margins, as departments work together to produce improved promotional product selections, reduced advertising spend and make better use of vendor marketing dollars.

Benefits of JustEnough Promotion Management

Available OnSite and OnCloud, JustEnough’s Promotion Management solution can help your business:

  • Attract and retain customers loyal to your brand
  • Offer the most compelling deals to each customer based on their interests, demographics and location
  • Get offers in front of customers at the right time
  • Communicate with customers in the ways they prefer
  • Make the most from your promotional spend
  • Streamline the planning and execution of promotions across offline and online channels
  • Increase operational efficiency while reducing costs

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