Promotion Analysis Software

What is Promotion Analysis Software?

Learning what works and what doesn’t is a key element of a successful business; and the best way to discover what works in a promotional campaign - and then applying that knowledge to improve future promotional events - is to use promotion analysis software.

Promotion analysis software facilitates post-event collaboration between the three key departments in any promotional campaign - the advertising, marketing, and merchandising departments - who can look back on an event and use the information compiled by the promotion analysis tool to plan more effective promotions in the future.

Choosing the Right Promotion Analysis Tool

promotion analysis software

There is no disputing that promotion analysis software enhances efficiency between key departments and increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; however, choosing the right promotion analysis tool that serves the needs of each department participating in the promotion planning process is not as simple as it might first appear.

In order for each department to accurately give feedback on its designated role within a promotional campaign, any promotion analysis solution that is chosen needs to have the right analytical capabilities to support each departments’ requirements. Should the chosen promotion analysis software not have the required capabilities and metrics, the success of future marketing campaigns could be placed in jeopardy.

JustEnough’s Promotion Analysis Solution

JustEnough’s promotion analysis solution is a versatile promotion analysis tool - allowing departments to review targeting options, campaign development and event management. The promotion analysis software is part of a robust end-to-end promotion management suite including features which create new promotion forecasts based on past performance, develop “what if” scenarios to support innovation and creativity in future campaigns, and facilitate the analysis of category impact.

The primary post-event features of JustEnough’s promotion analysis tool include:

  • Category Impact of Promotions - Enables departments to identify any cannibalization of the overall category that may have occurred due to each promotional offer.
  • Media Mix Analysis - Analyses results from individual advertising and marketing pursuits across print, online and social media channels.
  • Event Page Analysis - Calculates the return on investment of each page in order to better allocate space in the future.
  • Promotion Effectiveness - Calculates the true margin of promotional goods and services once advertising and marketing spend has been taken into account.

The use of JustEnough’s promotion analysis solution can lead to increased revenues, lower costs and enhanced margins, as departments work together to maximize the return from vendor marketing budgets, improve promotional item selection, and reduce advertising costs.

Added Benefits of JustEnough’s Promotion Analysis Software

Available OnSite and OnCloud, JustEnough’s promotion analysis solution is part of an end-to-end promotion management suite that can help your business:

  • Strengthen existing brand loyalty and attract new customers
  • Create buying personas based on customers’ location, demographics and interests
  • Take advantage of these personas to get appropriate promotions in front of the right customers
  • Interact with customers using the communication channels they prefer
  • Use mobile and social engagement to redefine the retail experience
  • Maximize returns from your promotional spend
  • Streamline the analysis of promotions between departments to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs

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