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With JustEnough’s demand-driven Order Planning and Replenishment, the system produces a forward-looking, time-phased ordering plan that considers both the forecast of demand and the current inventory plan. 

Whether sourcing externally from overseas vendors or dispersing inventory among branches, JustEnough then suggests the most cost-effective ordering pattern to achieve your targeted service levels.

Watch the Inventory Planning and Replenishment Video

Watch this short video to learn about the key features and benefits of JustEnough Inventory Planning and Replenishment and see it in action.

Drop Ship Planning, Distribution Orders (DC to Child), and Inter-Branch Inventory Transfers

JustEnough's Order Planning & Replenishment uses demand-driven replenishment so you can achieve the perfect order and maintain your targeted service levels. The system enables full planning and order flexibility by providing alternative methods of replenishment. All product flow combinations within a distribution network are available from drop-ship suggestions to distribution center replenishment, to inter-branch inventory transfers of excess. JustEnough enables you to correctly manage the product flow through your network to optimize your product availability.

Constraint-Based Purchase Orders

Whether it's a purchase order minimum or an imposed container fill rate, real-world situations often constrain your ability to replenish orders as you'd like. JustEnough provides a quick and simple wizard to help you approve line-item orders that meet those constraints. The resulting purchase orders release more quickly, reducing planner workload and lead time.

Exception-Based Order Review

Order review allows for exceptions to be identified reducing workload on users. To further improve the efficiency of the business process, filters allow for specific items to be retrieved for ordering allowing the system to highlight items due for ordering. Within the review, users also get insight into system recommendations, including sales and stock forecasts, which clearly show why the system is recommending what it is.

Inventory Dashboard

The inventory dashboard is one of multiple dashboards that can be displayed to users as they log into the JustEnough system. The inventory dashboard provides a one shot review of the health of the business from an inventory and sales perspective. Stock mix and improvements in service levels and excess reduction can be reviewed statically or over time. Dashboard data is classified to highlight areas of concern based on the ABC classifications and users have the ability to action workflows directly off the dashboard.

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