Forecast Sales and Manage Your Team with Ease

JustEnough tackles sales forecasting with an intuitive, Excel-based interface. Set goals, manage performance and analyze sales with ease.

Intuitive Ease of Use

JustEnough Sales Forecasting is designed with an intuitive, Excel-based interface so it’s easy to use, even without a technical background. The drag-and-drop and drill-down capabilities allow the sales team to setup and interact with their views to filter their views to prioritize workflow and reduce navigational noise.

Quick User Adoption

Whether out in the field or in the office, Sales Forecasting is a quick and simple tool to help sales reps manage their revenue projections. Sales reps have visibility at all times to manage and negotiate their targets with multiple forecasts at their fingertips. The Excel-based interface promotes quick user adoption resulting in better sales forecasts sooner.

Goal Setting & Performance Management

JustEnough Sales Forecasting facilitates the top-down management of sales reps in the field. Managers can set and track quotas as well as manage a sales reps' compliance to plan. A color-coded performance dashboard alerts management when goals aren’t being met based on pre-defined thresholds. Management can drill down to the customer and product level for root cause analysis.

Sales Analysis

JustEnough lets you analyze sales trends at the sales rep, customer, and/or product level. Graphical illustrations help identify trends, seasonality and differences between forecasts, while color-coded dashboard alerts call attention to unexpected results. To further explore and breakdown the data, you can also export the data into Excel.

Managing Sales Team

JustEnough provides one, easy-to-use interface to manage your entire sales force, their account portfolio and the organization structure. Creating, managing and assigning sales reps to customers and/or products is fast and simple. Never again will a customer or product go unchecked.

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