Quickly and Easily Move Planned Promotions Through the Execution Process

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By managing all types of promotions across all channels in a centralized system, companies now have the capability of coordinating promotions across all departments that are involved in the process.

JustEnough gives you the power to easily and accurately plan successful future promotions, incorporate their impact into the overall retail planning process and evaluate their effectiveness. The result is promotions that attract new and existing customers, increase revenues and reduce inventory levels and marketing costs.

Manage Content and Versions

All marketing copy, disclaimers and special callouts can be managed within a centralized content repository. The repository stores all content needed across all channels, and depending on format, will utilize the appropriate fields for each advertising vehicle and channel. For added flexibility, the fields are user definable. 

Personalized versions of the content can be created for different markets, customer segments and channels. This allows for greater control of the marketing messages delivered to consumers. Versions are typically based on language, localized interests and channels and content versions can be pre-associated to their intended target audiences to enable automated versioning.

Manage Digital Assets

Digital assets are managed from a centralized dashboard including product images, manufacturer logos and icons. The digital assets can be used for display in different channels. The system supports thumbnails, low resolution images and high resolution, print-ready images.

Visual Layout Templates

The template builder can be used to create a central library of designs for each channel ensuring a consistent design is used across all campaigns and events in each channel. Planning visually enables a more efficient process by eliminating guess work and re-work due to multiple proofing stages. The shortened process also improves time to market for promotions.

Online Proofing

Promotions can be viewed online to ensure proof accuracy which is significantly more time and cost efficient than producing and circulating hard copies for view and approval. Workflows can be configured to control the review and approval process and keep users focused on the tasks they are accountable for. Moderators can also control and track access and keep records of annotations, versions and proofs at each event proofing stage.


Coupons can be generated directly from the planning stage, complete with barcodes and coupon codes.

Automated Publishing

After promotions are approved, the content can be automatically exported to the appropriate execution systems for each channel. For print, the system can output directly to Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress. For web, email and broadcast, the system can easily integrate with in-house or agency systems. And for social and mobile, the system directly links.

Store Signage

Store signage and shelf tags can be automatically created for planned promotions. They can either be generated from the system or the data can be integrated with existing signage systems.

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