Plan Campaigns and Events and Create and Target New Promotions

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Campaign & Event Calendar

The calendar view displays all campaigns and events together in a Gantt chart format allowing users to navigate to a specific campaign or date and view all related events. Color coding is used to visually differentiate the various campaigns and event types. Campaign color is selected during campaign creation while event color is dictated by event type.

Event Creation Wizard

New events are easily created using the new event wizard which walks the user through defining the event name, associated campaign, event type, budget, and ad and sales start and end dates. Typically each event represents a separate channel with unique effective dates, production schedule and budgets.

Event Budgeting

Marketing budgets can be created for each event and each production category required for the event to be executed. Actual spend for each category is also available to support automatic rollup-ups by cost type.

Event Building

After an event is created using a defined event type, the planner can start to customize the event. Users can add and modify slot sets, create and delete geographies, modify site assignments and build out a detailed budget. Users can then decide which vendor deals or promotions to include in the event. A visual representation of each promotion provides instant feedback by displaying the content, pricing and any associated digital assets.

Select Targeting Options

The default targeting for each event is predefined based on event type. For print events, the segments might be geographic; while for electronic events, the segments might be demographic. The segments can also be mixed to allow for demographic segmentation within a geographic area. And the targeting can be changed at any time allowing planners to quickly react to changing market conditions.

Create New Promotions

Users can quickly create a new promotion for one or more products and apply pricing and date ranges in a few easy steps using the New Promotion Wizard.

Set Promotion-Level Price Clusters

Users can group stores/sites together within a promotion so they can be targeted with common pricing strategies. Multiple price strategies can be set by price cluster within a single promotion to allow for easy management and monitoring. In addition, the products promoted for each price cluster in a promotion can be varied to account for regional availability and targeting.

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