Demand Management Software

Organizations today are turning to best-in-class demand management software solutions that can help them overcome the challenges of accurately predicting, planning for and meeting customer demand. Increasingly sophisticated consumers, multiple-channels, proliferating SKUs and focus on the bottom-line make this task increasingly complex and companies employing the right demand management solution will come out on top.

The goal of a demand management solution is to accurately forecast future demand and enable proper inventory planning and order planning and replenishment of merchandise. Effective demand management software results in improved revenues, service levels and margins and decreased inventory and stock-outs. Below is a breakdown of what you need to look for in demand management software.

Demand Forecasting Software for Effective Demand Management

Forecasting can be a tricky task for many retailers. Predicting customer demand requires a solution that takes into account actual demand history to produce an accurate forecast. As SKUs proliferate, the complexity does as well – and each product is unique and requires its own forecast. An effective demand forecasting solution will be able to distinguish products with erratic demand and those that are seasonal, identify periods where sales were lost due to stock-outs, as well as accounting for promotional spikes through sophisticated algorithm-based forecasting. The software solution should automatically recommend or assign the best forecast method to apply to each SKU thereby improving planners’ productivity and resulting in more accurate forecasts that help avoid over-stocks, lost sales and product obsolescence.

Inventory Planning Software for the Right Product at the Right Place and Time

demand forecasting software

Proper inventory planning ensures that the right inventory gets to the right location at the right time - a key part of an effective demand management software solution. A best-in-class solution will not only help you get the right inventory to the right place, but also make it simple to identify inventory that will provide you with higher profit margins and lower inventory carrying costs. Knowing which products to focus on, the system can automatically assign the inventory policy for order quantity and safety stock. This helps you to meet customer service levels by customer, by location and by product.

Automating the production of inventory plans, effective Inventory Planning Software considers future demand, service level targets, current inventory levels and the ABC classification of items, as well as other factors. Inventory planning is a key piece of the demand management process since inventory is one of the most costly investments for an organization and ties up capital.

Order Planning and Replenishment Software for Optimized Service Levels

In order to maximize sales and service levels while lowering inventory investments, order planning and replenishment software keeps inventory flowing downstream and maintains productive line-item and order-fill rates to prevent costly overstocks or stock-outs. Effective order planning and replenishment software will calculate a time-phased order plan considering constraints and alternative methods of replenishment. All product flow combinations within a distribution network should be available from drop-ship suggestions to distribution center replenishment to inter-branch inventory transfers. And exception-based reviews are important and enable planners to apply their special understanding of the business to the plan.

JustEnough Demand Management Software

JustEnough Demand Forecasting

Delivering sophisticated modeling algorithms, JustEnough Demand Forecasting software generates forecasts based on real customer demand and takes the guesswork out of the planning process. Not only does this improve the accuracy of your forecasts, but it also increases your planners’ productivity with its ease of use and flexibility. In order to do this, the demand forecasting solution runs a tournament of forecasting methods to identify the optimal method for each SKU, quickly and easily creating accurate forecasts.

JustEnough Inventory Planning

Helping to achieve higher profit margins and lower inventory carrying costs, JustEnough Planning Software sets inventory policy for both Order Quantity and Safety Stock, ensuring that you have the optimal inventory to meet your customer demand. In addition, the solution helps to achieve targeted service levels by location, product and customer. JustEnough also classifies the most important and least important products with Pareto’s method of ABC classification, so you’ll have the right amount of stock for the most important products. With JustEnough Inventory Planning software you can improve customer satisfaction, reduce markdowns and increase inventory turns and in-stock availability.

JustEnough Order Planning & Replenishment

JustEnough’s Order Planning and Replenishment software, produces a forward-looking, time-phased ordering plan that considers both the forecast of demand and the current inventory plan. Whether sourcing externally from overseas vendors or dispersing inventory among branches, JustEnough suggests the most cost-effective ordering pattern to achieve your targeted service levels.

Whether it's a purchase order minimum or an imposed container fill rate, real-world situations often constrain your ability to replenish orders as you'd like. JustEnough Order Planning and Replenishment software provides a quick and simple wizard to help you approve line-item orders that meet those constraints. The resulting purchase orders release more quickly, reducing planner workload and lead time.

The inventory dashboard provides a one shot review of the health of the business from an inventory and sales perspective. The dashboard data is classified to highlight areas of concern based on the ABC classifications and users have the ability to access workflows directly off the dashboard in order address potential issues before they can impact the business.

JustEnough Demand Management Solution

JustEnough's demand management solution facilitates improved demand forecasting and inventory planning to substantially reduce working capital requirements. With the JustEnough demand management solution, businesses will be able to

  • Clearly see demand across the supply chain
  • Achieve better management of their inventory
  • Make more profitable business decisions
  • Improve their management of seasonal demand
  • Achieve enhanced sales, better customer retention and increased profitability

JustEnough's demand management solution calculates an accurate demand for product and how much product businesses should be forward-ordering in order to avoid stock outs and lost sales, overstocks and obsolete products.

Benefits of JustEnough Demand Forecasting

  • Enhanced forecast accuracy
  • Reduced stock-outs, product obsolescence and lost sales
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Lower purchasing costs with improved order planning
  • Increased planner productivity

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Demand Forecasting

Get accurate, demand-driven forecasts that cover:

  • Forecast Tournament
  • Trend & Seasonality
  • Lost Sales
  • Supersessions
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Promotions
  • Group Forecasting
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Inventory Planning

Ensure your products are at the right store at the right time:

  • Inventory Policy Management
  • Service-Level Targeting
  • ABC Classifications
  • Inventory-Level Projection
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Order Planning & Replenishment

Manage what's on your shelves with automatic replenishment, including:

  • Drop Ship Planning
  • Constraint-Based Purchase Orders
  • Exception-Based Order Review
  • Inventory Dashboard
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