The 3.6.0 Version of Our Software Suite Offers New, Innovative Features and Functionality

At JustEnough, we aim to deliver solutions that help our customers meet the needs of their evolving business. That’s why we are excited to announce the recent release of the 3.6.0 version of our retail planning software suite. After three years of innovation, it is packed with more than 60 new and exciting enhancements that impact every module in the suite – many of which came from ideas generated by our users.

While we can’t go through every single update in today’s blog post, I thought I would highlight some of the most exciting new features now available in 3.6.0:

  • Hybrid Merchandise Financial Planning:
    JustEnough has engaged with many retailers and brand owners globally throughout the industry, and the most common request we have heard is the need to deliver a hybrid method of financial planning. In version 3.6.0, Merchandise Financial Planning now offers a full set of Cost and Retail metrics regardless of the Accounting Method chosen. From there, users can alter calculation direction for metrics on the fly without having to refresh the screen. Separate Comp/Non-comp and Sales-by-Type views allow users to manage their sales mix at more granular levels while seamlessly updating the overarching plan. And, flexible metric locking capabilities allow users to both hold specific period-level values while spreading changes around them.
  • Assortment Hindsight:
    JustEnough Assortment Planning now offers the ability to hindsight past variant performance when working on an assortment in the future, without leaving the main planning view. This flexibility enables planners to quickly and easily build a bottoms-up assortment plan by modelling historic item performance into placeholders for future period plans. Features include the ability to link variants and placeholders together utilizing drag-and-drop controls within the hindsight view, mirroring placeholder criteria for multiple placeholders, and copying the attribute values from historic items into new placeholders. With a few clicks, the assortment breadth and depth, sales plans, margin plans and pricing strategies of future period assortments can match that of winning variants from past performance if desired.
  • Allocation Rate of Sale by Grade:
    JustEnough users can now define their allocation strategies by selecting specific clusters within a cluster set in place of a location strategy. In addition, they are now able to define a rate-of-sale strategy for each cluster and calculate the rate of sale in the Rate of Sale Calculator, providing even more analytical power to the users when defining an allocation strategy for a product. In addition, integration with clustering enables users to capitalize on the ability of store mix within the clusters to shift over time within allocations.
  • Redistribution Optimization:
    JustEnough introduces an all-new redistribution optimization engine to account for stock imbalances that occur over time, as well as manage end-of-life products more effectively. Planners are now able to consider multiple locations in a pool in which excess stock is redistributed to locations in need of the stock. Also in regards to allocations, a new metric “left over” stock is available. This allows for the projection of left-over stock at the end of the life of the products to be actioned for redistribution.

    The redistribution optimization functionality adds two additional features: Firstly, the new functionality supports the ability to reconsolidate excess or left over stock, pushing the inventory back up through the supply chain to distribution centers. Secondly, the functionality allows for rebalancing of stock across DCs based on the need of stores that source from them.

Want to learn more about 3.6.0 version of our retail planning suite? Contact us today to speak to a representative and to find out how JustEnough supports many of the world’s leading brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch, BevMo!, Billabong, Levi’s, Sephora, The North Face and Tommy Bahama.