The Holy Grail of Omni-Channel Merchandising

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JustEnough recently sponsored an industry survey and research report with EKN on the state of omni-channel merchandising. The report found that while retailers are making great strides with customer-centricity in the functional areas of marketing and customer service, merchandising has not made the same progress. This isn’t that surprising as merchandising is about products, and for many retailers it is a big part of their traditionally product-centric approach to business.

In the new digital and omni-channel age of retail, merchandising is undergoing several radical transformations:

  • From being largely siloed to being more integrated with demand forecasts, inventory planning, product innovation and dynamic channel execution needs (i.e. pricing, promotions, space etc.)
  • From being focused on larger segments of customers based on demographics and purchase similarities (products, baskets, trips) to being focused on micro-segments of customers based on customer lifetime value and lifestyle needs
  • From being a product-centric function to being one that is customer-centric
  • From being largely dependent on merchant intuition to being one that is driven largely by customer insight

You are invited to download this free report and view the free infographic to learn about priority initiatives, challenges and technology trends for 2015 and beyond for customer-centric merchandising/assortment areas related to business processes, technology and strategies where best-in-class retailers focus.