The Need for Personalization

Personalization is a hot buzzword these days in the retail space. In a recent article, RSR Research explains that in their latest benchmark on Mobility in Retail, they found that retailers recognize deeper customer engagement will drive sales, but still need to make personalization a priority.

Making an offer that is truly personalized, not just a random discount on an unwanted item, is the brass ring in retail. This requires that consumers share more and more details of how they shop, where they shop and why – both of which they are now more than willing to do. Converting that vast amount of data into actionable insights is key to personalization and also a challenge for most.

Those organizations that are focused on making relevant, personalized offers and have the tools to derive actionable insights from their data will be the winners. They will tackle the difficult task of understanding more about their customers and executing personalized offers.

At JustEnough, we understand the challenges of gaining customer insights and effectively acting upon them for better performance. JustEnough Customer Insights does just that – by enabling you to analyze customer behavior, segment and cluster customers to localize and personalize assortments, identify which promotions mobilize your best customers and much more.

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