Omni-Channel Merchandising Study: Allocation and Replenishment

JustEnough recently sponsored research by EKN into the current and future state of merchandise planning and uncovered many windows of opportunity for retailers. Over this and the next several posts, I’ll be sharing short, medium and long term recommendations from the study related to merchandising processes and technology that can help retailers execute on a customer-centric merchandising strategy. I hope you enjoy this series of articles.

Here is part three:


  Short Term (0 - 6 months)        Medium Term (6 - 12 months)        Long Term (1 - 2 years)

Allocation and Replenishment

Apply rapid and agile replenishment strategies for top selling Omni-channel SKUs by enabling upstream and downstream order and inventory visibility.

Develop rapid replenishment via pop-up distribution centers during busy selling seasons.

Combine fulfillment capabilities at the online and store distribution centers as well as activate real-time direct drop shipment collaboration with supply chain partners.

Closely coordinate store/channel merchandising, marketing, fulfillment and replenishment metrics and KPIs with brands, vendors and suppliers. Encourage direct brand and vendor contribution in store selling replenishment and store merchandising programs.