InDemand: JustEnough Launches Customer Insights

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We recently showcased our new Customer Insights solution at National Retail Federation's (NRF) BIG Show 2016 in New York City. This solution is uniquely positioned to enable retailers to analyze customer data and turn it into actionable insights to optimize merchandising, assortments, promotions and pricing.

Retail’s consumer-centric transformation brought into focus the need for retailers to develop capabilities to quickly analyze customer data across all channels and touchpoints and to have technology that supports customer data-driven decision making. Merchandise planning has traditionally been product-centric and largely based on merchant intuition. Now with consumers in the driver’s seat in today’s omni-channel and digital age of retail, that approach needs to change. EKN Research recently reported that the lack of customer insights in the merchandising process is the number one merchandising challenge for retailers1.

JustEnough Customer Insights helps retailers to make the transformation from traditional product-centric planning to truly customer-centric planning. This shift in focus is critical for retailers hoping to compete for today’s demanding consumers.

Some of the key features and advantages of JustEnough’s latest solution include:

  • CustomerInsights-segmentations

    Create and Manage Different Segmentations for Different Organizations

    Customer segmentation was pioneered by Marketing organizations – but marketing segmentations focus on what communications inspire customers. They don’t help the Pricing organization understand which customers are most likely to respond to a price change. Nor will it help Merchandising to understand if there are holes in their assortments. Each organization needs their own segmentation – and you need a platform that can help bridge and manage all these segmentations so it doesn’t get out of control. If someone tells you “we have a segmentation – Marketing is doing that” then you definitely need JustEnough to enable your entire organization with targeted and unique segmentations.

  • CustomerInsights-retailers

    Purpose-built Insights for Apparel and Specialty Retailers and Wholesales

    At JustEnough, we know apparel and specialty retail – it’s our focus and passion. Our platform was built from the ground-up for your business. It effortlessly handles seasons and tracks customer behavior from one assortment to the next. Our promotion and coupon algorithms are unmatched in the industry, as is our ability to create a unified view across brands, divisions, countries and channels. For example, you can see in one view the effectiveness of coupon campaigns in terms of increased traffic and changes in basket value or view affinity and understand what products are purchased together.

  • CustomerInsights-learn

    Act on What you Learn – in the Same Solution

    An insight is only valuable if you can act on it. Because the JustEnough solution is a unified platform, you can effortlessly make pricing changes, modify promotions and drive your assortments based on the customer insights you capture - all in one platform.

  • CustomerInsights-data-visualizor

    Rich, Intuitive Data Visualization

    Our solution delivers intuitive visualizations that provide you the right level of information needed to make decisions fast. These include maps so you can see your sales and customers geographically. Decomposition allows users to drill down into the data to see the details behind it, like what customers are behind that bump in sales and what customer segments respond to which promotions.

  • CustomerInsights-no-data

    No Data Scientist Required

    Our Data Scientists did all the hard math so you don’t have to. Let’s face it. Your business is retail. You don’t have time to find, hire and manage a team of data scientists. Our Customer Insights’ engine has all the heavy math built in. Put our tools and widgets in the hands of a curious analyst who understands retail – and together they’ll create magic.

“Customer centricity has come to the forefront as a critical component of the overall retail planning process – especially as consumer expectations for getting the products they want, when and where they want them continues to increase,” said Malcolm Buxton, CEO & President, JustEnough. “Our solutions were built from the ground up for omni-channel planning and by embracing actionable insights from customer data retailers using our solutions will gain the efficiency, relevancy and agility needed to prosper in today’s omni-channel retail environment."

We look forward to helping additional retailers to analyze their customer data and action valuable insights to drive their retail planning. Visit our website or contact us at to learn more about how JustEnough can help make the most of your customer information.

1EKN's 3rd Annual Merchandising in Retail Benchmark Report