JustEnough InDemand Puts Promotion Management in the Spotlight

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In Q4 2013, we announced the launch of a new Promotion Management solution that is uniquely positioned to help retailers analyze past promotions and accurately plan, forecast and execute new campaigns, events and promotions, as well as integrate them into their merchandise, assortment, forecasting, allocation and replenishment planning processes.

Since then, we have seen the need for promotion management capabilities continue to grow as promotions become even more strategic for retailers trying to win and retain customers in today’s highly competitive retail environment. Retailers are also realizing that in the new world of omni-channel selling and shopping, they can no longer plan promotions in silos by channels, but need to plan and execute promotions cohesively across all channels. Shoppers move quickly between channels, so retailers need to view promotions from the customer’s omni-channel shopping perspective in order to succeed.

As a result, retailers are seeking out promotion management solutions that are modern, easier to use, faster to implement and quicker to configure and adapt - all at a lower cost and faster ROI. Also, many are bringing the execution of mobile, social and online promotions in house - further driving the need for new solutions.

As promotions have become more strategic for retailers, they have for JustEnough as well. In partnership with our customers, we continue to rapidly advance our solution. We also continue to expand the breadth and depth of our expertise by adding team members with extensive promotional planning and execution experience.

Some recent enhancements to the solution include:

  • A Validation/Rules Engine that enables the creation of business rules for maintaining compliance to federal, local and legal regulations; company policies and vendor agreements thereby preventing the creation of invalid promotions and eliminating the need for additional checks before promotions are executed.

  • Greatly expanded capabilities and configurability of the JustEnough Dashboard through the addition a new widget type specifically created for the fast design and display of critical information. Companies can now quickly configure dashboards using charts, gauges, cards and maps to display relevant business data to support better decision making and for gauging the success of promotions.

In January of this year, we announced that Shopko, a $3 billion retailer that operates over 320 stores in 21 states across the U.S., has gone live on our JustEnough Promotion Management solution to support its promotion planning and execution process. Since that time, Shopko has gone through a complete promotions planning and execution cycle and is already realizing the benefits of JustEnough’s end-to-end solution.

We also announced last year that NBTY Europe selected JustEnough Promotion Management and is very close to going live. NBTY Europe will also be using the solution to set initial prices and manage lifecycle pricing, in addition to forecasting promotional demand.

We look forward to helping additional retailers to significantly improve the success of their future promotional campaigns and events, increase sales and brand awareness, lower costs, increase promotional planning efficiency and reduce time to market.

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