Holland & Barrett Finds a Healthy Approach to Retailing

A recent OnWindows article featuring Holland & Barrett’s Ray Aldis explored how the company is transforming the way it manages its promotional campaigns and inventory forecasting. As promotions are the lifeblood of Holland & Barrett with 60% of sales coming from promotional campaigns, the company needed a solution in which to better manage its promotions.

Holland & Barrett was operating a binary promotional strategy which employed the use of 45 separate spreadsheets in which to manage all of its promotional activity. This inevitably led to inaccuracies, an unmanageable workload for its team and at times a negative impact on its customer experience.

Holland & Barrett turned to JustEnough and in October 2015 rolled out its Promotion Management solution. The implementation was successful and user feedback was very positive. The company is using the solution to monitor live campaigns, manage data conflicts and plan all of its promotional campaigns.

“JustEnough’s software is the best-in-class promotion management solution; it’s highly configurable and we were able to quickly tweak or add functionalities to ensure it would meet our specific operational requirements,” explained Aldis. “Now that we can access all of our current and historical promotional and sales data via a single centralized system, it takes fewer resources to plan and execute campaigns and we can instantly create analytical reports to evaluate their success with a click of a button,” added Aldis.

To read the full OnWindows article, click here.

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