Create Product Assortments and Space Plans that Drive Sales and Margins

JustEnough automates the assortment planning process from store clustering through to the lowest level of product and store planning while also taking the guess work out of allocating space.

Often times assortment planning is a tug-of-war between art and science. There's the art - knowing your customers and current trends and being able to create a display that demands attention - and the science - looking at the assortment as a mix

of numbers, algorithms and statistics that guide decisions. JustEnough Assortment & Space Planning automates the process, combining the art and science to give you the flexibility to get more in-depth assortments.

Assortment & Space Planning Tour

Assortment Planning

Maximize your profitability and flow-through by optimizing your product assortments.

  • Site Clustering and Localized Assortments
  • Assortment Rationalization
  • Line Visualization
  • Assortment Reconciliation
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Space Planning

Drive higher sales and improved profitability by assigning the right space to each category and product.

  • Historic Space Assignments
  • Item and Space Productivity
  • Selling Space Effectiveness
  • Planogram Assignment
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