Create Product Assortments that Drive Sales and Margins

JustEnough automates the assortment planning process from store clustering through to the lowest level of product planning.

Often times assortment planning is a tug-of-war between art and science. There's the art - knowing your customers and current trends and being able to create a display that demands attention - and the science - looking at the assortment as a mix

of numbers, algorithms and statistics that guide decisions. JustEnough Assortment Planning automates the process, combining the art and science to give you the flexibility to get more in-depth assortments.

Assortment Planning Tour

Assortment Planning

Maximize your profitability and flow-through by optimizing your product assortments.

  • Site Clustering and Localized Assortments
  • Assortment Rationalization
  • Line Visualization
  • Assortment Reconciliation
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