Analyze and Evaluate the Effectiveness and Profitability of Promotional Programs

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By managing all types of promotions across all channels in a centralized system, companies now have the capability to coordinate promotions across all departments that are involved in the process from merchandising to marketing and advertising.

JustEnough gives you the power to easily and accurately plan successful future promotions, incorporate their impact into the overall retail planning process and evaluate their effectiveness. The result is promotions that attract new and existing customers, increase revenues and reduce inventory levels and marketing costs.

Understand Category Impact

When evaluating the effectiveness of promotions it is vital to understand how they impacted the overall product category. Without this information, you may get a false reading on how well your promotional efforts are contributing to the bottom line. JustEnough helps you identify the impact each promotional offer had on the overall category in order to avoid cannibalization of other key products.

Analyze Promotional Space

In order to understand how to better allocate space for different products and categories in print advertising, you must start by analyzing the return on investment (ROI) of each page. JustEnough helps you understand how effective the pages were across different zones for an entire campaign and how each category performed based on the amount of space it was allocated in the promotion.

Determine the Media Mix

How should you allocate your advertising budget across various media channels? For example, you need to decide how much to invest in print advertising versus social media like Facebook or Twitter. Understanding the impact that both new and traditional advertising channels will have on your bottom line is key. JustEnough can help you determine which channels will result in the biggest return on your advertising investment.

Measure Ad Spend ROI

JustEnough helps you understand how responsive products are on promotion by analyzing their performance during non-promoted periods and comparing that to the results from each promotion. JustEnough also takes into account advertising spend to calculate the true margin obtained for each product during a promotional period.

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