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April 10 - 13, 2018 | Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa | Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Mi9 Retail & JustEnough Signature Customer Event of the Year!
Learn from Mi9 Retail and JustEnough Professionals.

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Customer-Centric Merchandising: Enabling Retail Success

Customer-Centric Merchandising: Enabling Retail Success

OnDemand Webinar

Join industry experts from EKN, Kalypso and JustEnough to learn how retailers can make the transformation to customer-centric merchandising, how to get started, what to consider and how to measure success.

Retail’s customer-driven transformation continues to accelerate and while retailers are making great strides with customer-centricity in marketing and customer service, merchandising has not made the same progress. This isn’t that surprising as merchandising is about products. But in the new digital and omni-channel age of retail, merchandising is undergoing several radical transformations:

  • From being largely siloed to being more integrated
  • From being focused on larger segments of customers to being focused on micro-segments of customers
  • From being a product-centric function to being one that is customer-centric
  • From being largely dependent on merchant intuition to being driven largely by customer insight


  • Sahir Anand, VP Research & Principal Analyst, EKN Research
  • Sonia Parekh, Senior Manager, Kalypso
  • Peter Leith, VP of Product Strategy, JustEnough
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Next Generation Promotion Management

Next Generation Promotion Management

OnDemand Webinar

Watch this informative webinar during which RSR analyst and industry expert, Paula Rosenblum, presents the findings of recent research on promotions and pricing and what the findings mean to retailers. You’ll also learn some new strategies for planning and executing more effective promotions across traditional, online, social and mobile selling channels.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Best practices for planning and executing better promotions
  • The power of integrating promotions into the overall retail planning process
  • How to use promotions to create a true competitive advantage


  • Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partner, Retail SystemsResearch (RSR)
  • Harry Lister , Vice President, Stores Media
  • Dan Pahomi, VP New Business Initiatives, JustEnough
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