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JustEnough v3.6.0:
 Three Years of Innovation in the Making

At JustEnough, we aim to deliver solutions that help our customers meet the needs of their evolving business. This quarter, we announced the release of the 3.6.0 version of our retail planning software suite. After three years of innovation, it is packed with more than 60 new and exciting enhancements that impact every module in the suite – many of which came from ideas generated by our users. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Hybrid Merchandise Financial Planning: JustEnough has introduced a revolutionary new Merchandise Financial Planning approach, which allows for both Cost and Retail metrics and processes to be used simultaneously regardless of the organization’s accounting practice.
  • Assortment Hindsight: JustEnough Assortment Planning enables the rapid generation of an assortment plan by modelling historic item performance and characteristics into placeholders, correcting for trend shifts and driving hyper-localized product mixes to the ideal location or digital platform.
  • Allocation Rate of Sale by Grade: Planners can incorporate system-generated performance metrics utilizing the rate-of-sale calculator to populate a demand driven allocation strategy, seamlessly integrating to the assortment planning process.
  • Redistribution Optimization: JustEnough introduces an all-new redistribution optimization engine to account for stock imbalances that occur over time, as well as manage end-of-life products more effectively. Planners can now redistribute, rebalance and reconsolidate stock across the supply chain to maximize the productivity of the inventory investment.

For more information about the 3.6.0 release and the value it offers our users, check out this latest blog post and contact us today.


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New Customers

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Big 5 Sporting Goods

Big 5 Sporting Goods is one of the country’s top retailers of name-brand sporting goods and accessories. Currently, Big 5 operates more than 430 locations across 11 western states, providing a full-line of products in stores that average approximately 11,000 square feet in size. Its product mix includes athletic shoes, apparel and accessories, as well as a broad selection of outdoor and athletic equipment for sports teams, fitness, camping, hunting, fishing, tennis, golf, winter and summer recreation and roller sports.

Big 5 selected JustEnough to streamline and automate its marketing and advertising promotional capability across all print and electronic channels. The retailer selected our OnCloud Professional Advertising & Promotions Management solution, and implementation begins in September 2017.

JustEnough In
The News

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Apparel Magazine

JustEnough’s advanced, seamlessly integrated demand management and planning solutions for retailers support hundreds of the world’s leading brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch, BevMo!, Billabong, Levi’s, Sephora, The North Face, Van’s and Tommy Bahama. As such, JustEnough is included in Apparel Magazine’s 2017 Guide to Software & IT Solutions. Read the full report here.

Innovative Thinking

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3 Ways to Leverage Markdowns to Maximize Margins and Build Brand Loyalty

Markdowns are often perceived in a negative light. They signal an error in a retailer’s best attempt to entice finicky, increasingly price-aware customers to open their wallets and pay full price for items in whatever channel they shop.

Mid-market apparel retailers, in particular, face significant pressure when it comes to markdowns, burdened by trends that are fleeting, assortments that are a mixed bag of art and science when it comes to planning, brand loyalty that is harder and harder to acquire and maintain, and competitor sets that are large. Unlike other types of retailers selling goods that are not as impacted by shifting trends and consumer demand, fashion retailers often take a reverse approach to price management – with some exceptions for “hot” items. Instead of creating a pricing strategy to accommodate an assortment, they often plan their assortments around a good-better-best pricing strategy that is directly influenced by their competitors. Conversely, other types of retailers will build an assortment, and then develop a pricing strategy to go with it.

In a new thought leadership article, we explore why price optimization works best for retailers in industries like hardware, grocery or consumer packaged goods, and why markdowns are inevitable for apparel and footwear retailers. We also look at how some companies are starting to transform their overall pricing strategy to reduce markdowns and maximize profits. Read the full article here.

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