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JustEnough InDemand - Volume 4 Issue 3
JustEnough Hits the Road to Learn from Today’s Leading Retailers JustEnough Hits the Road to Learn from Today’s Leading Retailers

Promotions imageJustEnough Software teamed up with Cathy Hotka & Associates to meet with executives from leading retailers around the country. During the JustEnough roadshow, which took place in New York City, San Francisco and Columbus, Ohio in April, attendees discussed international growth and the new set of challenges this opportunity presents.

The retail executives agreed that international expansion is a major opportunity for U.S. retailers, but that the effort required to do so successfully should not be under estimated. It requires that executives across the business unite as a team. Areas the executives agreed should be considered before undergoing international expansion include:

Get to know your international customers. U.S. retailers expanding internationally need to take the time to get to know their new customers. Customer profiles that retailers have used successfully in the U.S. may not be relevant elsewhere and new ones may need to be created. It's important to do this early in the process before you commit to products and stores as these are expensive decisions to change.

Evaluate technology infrastructure. It's important to have the right solutions in place before expanding. Consider if your systems can handle multiple currencies and tax structures, whether your e-commerce site needs to be translated and if your systems can scale as SKU counts increase. You should also consider having a real-time data warehouse in order to quickly sense and respond to changing buying patterns or unanticipated demand.

Focus on financial issues. Taxation, currency and franchise regulations should be top of mind. Working with vendors already in the country may shed light on unanticipated excise taxes and duties. Establishing a relationship with the nation's banks and understanding foreign investment restrictions are also key.

Figure out the logistics. Expanding internationally provides an opportunity to consider where your products are manufactured. It might make sense to move production in order to reduce lead times and transportation costs. Accurate demand planning is increasingly important as the costs of offloading unwanted inventory could be expensive and also present logistical problems. Leveraging tried-and-true strategies overseas may help - for example, using a freight forwarder or creating "showroom" stores for customers who can then place orders online.

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JustEnough Welcomes New Customers


Teavana is a specialty tea and tea accessory retailer started in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997, with the opening of the first teahouse. The company now operates 200 stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Teavana needed a new planning solution to support their continued expansion in the US and Canada. Excel spreadsheets and min/max inventory management were not going to keep up with their growth. Teavana selected JustEnough's Merchandise Financial Planning, Allocation, Replenishment and Profiling solutions to help them keep pace with the growth of their business.

Current Customers

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BevMo! is a leading specialty beverage retailer that operates more than 100 stores throughout California and Arizona. Each store is approximately 10,000 square feet in size and carries more than 12,000 individual SKUs.

BevMo! sought a way to better plan assortments at the shelf-space level. To achieve this, the retailer needed to bolster its planning processes with automated merchandising, financial planning and space planning solutions. A long-time JustEnough Allocation & Replenishment user, BevMo! selected JustEnough Merchandise Financial Planning, Open-to-Buy Budgeting and Range & Space Planning solutions to help it overcome its planning challenges.

  Keuhne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel

Throughout its 120-year history, Kuehne + Nagel has grown into one of the world's largest logistics providers. Today, the company has more than 1,000 offices in over 100 countries, with 63,000-plus employees.

Kuehne + Nagel manages distribution center inventory for DuPont, a leading provider of innovative chemical products and polymers like nylon, teflan and kevlar. As DuPont's planning needs became increasingly complex, Kuehne + Nagel sought to abandon its reliance on spreadsheets and bring more advanced planning technology on board. The company selected JustEnough's Demand Forecasting, Inventory Planning and Order Planning & Replenishment solutions. As a result, Kuehne + Nagel will benefit from a more cost-effective and transparent way to manage inventory for DuPont and other large manufacturers that it adds to its customer portfolio.

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  Apparel  Magazine

Apparel Magazine

Journelle - 2012 Top Innovator Award Winner

Apparel Magazine selected Journelle as a 2012 Top Innovator Award winner for bottom-line business improvements that were supported by the specialty retailer's use of JustEnough Advanced Planning for NetSuite.


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JustEnough is featured in the Summer 2012 issue of Speak Magazine, Microsoft's premier publication for the retail industry. Click on the links below to view the following articles:

Cover Story: A Perfect Blend
DAVIDsTEA achieves efficiency and flexibility with JustEnough and Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail.

K3 Retail and JustEnough Software Align
Speak Magazine highlights JustEnough's alliance with K3 Retail for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Dealing With Demand
JustEnough's Peter Leith offers tips to help retailers execute demand sensing and demand shaping strategies.

A New Dimension
JustEnough's Doug Daniels talks to Speak about how modern technology can help retailers with demand-driven, localized planning.

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The Next Frontier in Retail: Demand-Driven Promotions Management

The Next Frontier in Retail:
Demand-Driven Promotions Management

JustEnough Software shares strategies to help retailers make promotions planning part of their demand-driven, end-to-end planning process.

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  Netsuite logo

NetSuite Webinar

Webinar: July 25th - 1 p.m. Eastern

In this webinar, learn how using the latest technology, JustEnough Mobile provides field sales teams anytime, anywhere access to all the information they need to achieve sales objectives, increase customer retention and close more opportunities. With JustEnough Mobile fully integrated to NetSuite, your sales team can:

Focus on the most important customers and products based on sales to date, sales quota and sales forecast

Match sales behavior to each customer based on potential revenue and growth rate

Check inventory and enter orders right there with their customers

Update sales forecasts while in the field

Conduct surveys and audits to quickly and accurately measure customer performance

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