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JustEnough InDemand - Volume 3 Issue 3
Maximize Your Selling-Space Effectiveness

How JustEnough's New Space Planning Solution Can Help

Store space is right up there with inventory and labor as one of the highest costs retailers face today. These retailers and their planners are continuously challenged to assign the right amount of space to each category and product. The rewards of getting it right include higher sales, improved profitability and a better customer shopping experience. Of course, getting it wrong can make all the difference between a company that's gaining market share and one that's floundering in today's ultra-competitive retail environment.

JustEnough is introducing a new way to maximize selling-space effectiveness. Our new Space Planning solution can help retailers analyze gross margin dollars per square or linear foot, which is categorized by assigned space in stores; assign space to products using space elasticity of demand; as well as create better, more targeted and more gross-margin efficient product assortments.

"Given the high cost of retail space, its critical that planners maximize the use of each square foot of store space and each linear inch of web space," Malcolm Buxton, JustEnough's president and chief executive officer explains. "But distributing this valuable space to your many categories and products in the most profitable manner can be difficult. JustEnough Space Planning eliminates the complexity by providing retail planners with visibility into the gross margin per unit of assigned space and by understanding how different space allocations perform."

As a result, the solution will help users:

Capture historic space assignments to determine which space assortments worked the best over various time periods.

Analyze selling-space effectiveness to quickly identify which categories and products are delivering the highest margins based on space assignments.

Calculate the space elasticity of demand to project its effect on sales and gross margin when space for certain products or categories is increased or decreased or allocated to other space areas.

Learn more about JustEnough Space Planning's unique capabilities by watching this brief product demonstration, or click here.

New Customers

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JustEnough Welcomes New Customers


Automation-X Corporation is a leading global supplier of automation technology products. Its wide range of inventory includes antennas, valves, solar modules, batteries and radios.

The company needed to keep up with the demand of its growing customer base. Automation-X selected JustEnough Advanced Planning for NetSuite to help it better forecast customer demand, plan inventory and optimize its purchasing process.

  BSI Steel

BSi Steel

BSi Steel is a South Africa-based steel merchant and manufacturer. The company's primary product range is mild (carbon) steel in various forms, from flat- and long-steel products all the way through to various cold-formed steels and tubing.

BSi Steel needed to remedy its manual procurement processes. It selected JustEnough's Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solutions to help meet the company's business objectives.



DAVIDsTEA is a premium tea retailer, selling approximately 135 tea varieties in stores located throughout Canada. The company, which is leveraging Cole Systems to install the Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, turned to JustEnough to help it gain additional demand planning functionality.

DAVIDsTEA is rolling out JustEnough's Demand Forecasting, Inventory Planning and Replenishment solutions, which will be fully and seamlessly integrated with Dynamics AX.


The Omnia Group

The Omnia Group provides chemicals, explosives and fertilizers to the South African market. It serves as the holding company for Protea Chemicals, Bulk Mining Explosives and Omnia Fertilizer, and also boasts a significant footprint in surrounding African nations.

Omnia selected JustEnough's Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting solutions over other competitive offerings for their proven functionality. provides stock, aftermarket and performance auto parts to consumers and repair companies.

Already a NetSuite customer, selected the JustEnough Advanced Planning for NetSuite solution to help it generate accurate, demand-driven forecasts, optimize inventory management and produce a forward-looking ordering plan.

  Riot! Art & Craft

Riot! Art & Craft

Riot! Art & Craft offers a variety of products, ranging from paint supplies, easels, brushes, canvases, beads and other crafting materials, in approximately 50 stores located throughout Australia. But the retailer's manual replenishment and allocation processes were getting in the way of its growth.

Riot! Art & Craft is implementing JustEnough's Allocation, Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solutions via JustEnough's OnCloud platform. This will give the retailer best-in-class functionality while eliminating the need to invest in hardware and in-house technical support.

  Ruff Wear

Ruff Wear

Ruff Wear designs and builds performance gear for dogs. Inspired by outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking, the company's inventory includes dog boots and boot liners, dog lifejackets and dog packs – as well as staples such as dog beds, bowls and leashes.

Ruff Wear needed a planning tool that could support the company's operations team and expanding sales force and work seamlessly with its NetSuite solution. Ruff Wear selected JustEnough's Advanced Planning for NetSuite solution.



THE PRO SHOP is a leading golf equipment and apparel retailer in South Africa. It operates approximately 20 stores nationwide, offering customers a variety of golf-related products such as bags, balls, clubs, clothing, shoes, books and DVDs.

Struggling with business growth and the opening of new stores, THE PRO SHOP needed sophisticated technology to automate its retail planning and execution processes. It selected JustEnough's industry-leading Assortment Planning, Financial Planning and Open-to-Buy Budgeting, Allocation and Replenishment solutions. As a result, THE PRO SHOP will gain the flexibility, accuracy and automation it requires to streamline its end-to-end retail planning processes.

Success Stories

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Go Outdoors

GO Outdoors Achieves Peak Performance With JustEnough

Growth had impeded GO Outdoors' ability to accurately produce forecasts, and the sole use of Microsoft Excel led to hit-or-miss forward ordering. In addition, GO Outdoors relied on its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to handle its replenishment needs. The retailer needed more advanced planning technology to help it streamline its business processes.

GO Outdoors turned to JustEnough. Today, it is benefitting from improved product mix at the store level, enhanced forecast accuracy and increased planner productivity. The retailer has also realized reduced stock-outs, product obsolescence and lost sales with the support of JustEnough.

Read the full case study here.


Thought Leadership
  Blurring the Channel Silos

Blurring the Channel Silos

Developed with Junction Solutions for Integrated Solutions for Retailers magazine, this byline offers tips to help retailers develop better cross-channel inventory management strategies. Doing so creates unprecedented opportunity for companies to improve the customer experience, increase margins and reduce stock-outs.

  The Upside to Markdowns

The Upside to Markdowns

Markdowns are often associated with margin degradation and profit loss. But growing demand from consumers for price transparency is forcing companies to change this perception. JustEnough offers strategies to help companies that want to leverage markdown planning as a means to grow sales, improve margins and better manage product lifecycles.

Speaking Up
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  Chain Store Age

Better Management

Chain Store Age

Bob's Stores selected JustEnough to help it better manage inventory and improve gross margin. The result? A 16 percent reduction in holding stock and a 9 percent drop in in-store stock levels.

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